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  • Jenya Bond, the gorgeous model, thanks to her ability in making multifaceted unique poses during the photo session and familiarity with different modeling techniques, was pushed with tremendous speed to the top level of modeling career by the elevator of success.

    A slender, elegant and graceful lady, who got her start modeling as a teen, Jenya Bond went from amateur fashion shows to highly professional red carpet events.

    She has an extensive resume ranging from fit modeling for 1luv, 2 be in style, Lashowroom, Ambition, Nadia collection, Style in USA, About Styles, Az Queenz, Honey Fit, 0 Ace, Urbanog and many more, to being one of the models for Thom Surprenant, an Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist.

  • Jenya is also a professional dancer, good improvisator and outstanding actress, but a first priority she certainly gives to modeling. Her television appearances are not less impressive including some roles in such show as "America`s court" and music video "Lil Freak" by Usher ft. Nicki Minaj.

    Natural beauty and flexibility of her body gives Jenya the opportunity of being an artistic model at drawing classes and muse for serious artists.

    Outside of modeling business, enthusiastic Jenya is very much into horseback riding, she is a well-qualified instructor and gives a lot of complementary classes to the children, who have passion for horses.

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